Very Patchwork is a happy marriage between two significant agencies that have grown from their own respective niches over the past 10 years. Both agencies were pioneers within their own area of community based marketing; Very with an outset in identity based communities, and Patchwork with a point of departure in digital communities on social media. The shared ambition was to provide commercial brands with a relevant voice in the consumer’s reality.

When a brand is to have a natural and relevant voice in the consumers’ reality, it is crucial that you understand your consumer to the bone in order to credibly create conversations based on their inner desires, wishes and ambitions. It can be both through larger, strategic activations that gives the brand a significant voice with just one hit. But it is equally important to be present in the everyday life with conversations that may not feel as important and agenda setting but still supports the objective of becoming a vital part of the consumers’ life.

With the ambition of helping brands becoming relevant in both the important moments of life and the day to day life, Very and Patchwork merged to Very Patchwork in 2017. We want to give our clients’ brands a lively and relevant voice, that ensures a share of attention among the right consumers. We want to help define the goal and the road to get their, and not least add the creative fuel that makes the consumers lower their guards.

The consumer centric perspective is our DNA - a unique and integrated part of our agency structure. Therefor we have hired representatives from the target group, which we call community planners. They are our guarantee for getting access insights about creating conversation that resonate with the reality that we are to be a part of.

And our results indicate that we are the right people for taking on the task. Through more than ten years, we have helped some of the greatest brands in the Nordics getting consumer engagement, creative recognition and results on the bottom line.
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